At Cotswold Imagery, the view is a photographer should be present without making a scene (unless intentionally of course). To be discreet yet approachable so that the most natural images of peoples expressions can be captured. Being approachable is so important as it is also the people around you, at say a wedding, that also makes the perfect day. If they feel that they can approach a photographer and capture a specific scene, then that can only work well to ensure the happiness of the client and their friends. Providing a service that takes customer care as importantly as the images. 
Make that moment last and share it with the world. Cotswold Imagery can give you the angle which will impress.
Cotswold Imagery can provide a range of services for practically any requirement. Working with aerial photography, roof inspections using a stabilized high definition camera mounted on a agile and professionally flown drone. Whilst on the ground, using a professional DSLR camera mated to the best quality lenses ensure walking down an aisle or blowing out candles will be caught with every detail. 
CAA trained, you can have complete confidence in the entire process and rest assured there will be no worries. Providing all relevant information is presented in advance, safety checks, pre-flight surveys and risk assessments can be completed before the big day, ensuring a smooth and professional operation.
Contact us and throw Cotswold Imagery your ideas and make it reality. 
Cotswold Imagery is able to offer its services over a variety of different occasions and requirements:
  • Weddings
  • Birthdays
  • Website / Flyer Imagery
  • Estate / House Promotion
  • Planning Applications
  • Roof / Gutter Inspection
  • Social Events
Group Photo
Mouse Behind Tree
Bath Garden Box
Garden Party
Barn Owl
Ilam Park, Peak District
Shropshire, Cross Houses
Cirencester Park Pheasant
Scottish Highland Stream
Dinefwr Castle