• Kit Bennett

Photography is a passion

Being brought up in the heart of the Cotswolds has shaped me to be who I am, and is the soul reason for my love of the countryside. The Cotswolds brings people and their pets from far around and for good reason. With some of the most stunning scenery of rolling hills, history and nature, it is a top destination for weddings, events and holiday makers. Based a short distance from the capital of the Cotswolds, Cirencester, and with extensive knowledge of the area, knowing the prime spots to be better aids the perfect images.

With tech advancing at such a rate, Photography has become accessible to everyone and surprisingly great shots can be had by a quick click on your smartphone. But then the passion for the perfect shot is my drive for some of the more naturally eye catching images. I was fortunate enough that my father gave me his first DSLR which really opened my eyes to the light, colour, composure and focus of every image. This has enabled me to learn how to capturing the style that makes what Cotswold Imagery unique today.

Every now and then a small group of friends go along to a farm where we help manage the woodland. This entails processing trees which which have fallen naturally and providing sustainable timber that can be sold for use on open fires and log burners. Whilst out moving some already cut up sections of wood, we discovered a small family of Wood Mice living under the bits of wood. With the mother mouse not being too bothered, I thought this is the perfect opportunity for a cheeky snap. I was lucky to catch her sneaking a peak around the wood. With the focus on her and a bold foreground to soften the image, the tree in the background balances details and texture within the photo perfectly.

After the photo we were able to relocate the mice out of harms way and into the thick undergrowth of the natural woodland.

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